The JOBS Team

JOBS Staff

J. Eric Mathis, President & CEO

J. Eric Mathis oversees renewable energy projects and programs in Central Appalachia and fosters partnerships with local, state, and federal entities. Eric graduated from Appalachian State University, and in 2007, he founded the JOBS Project to spark new industry and opportunity in coalfield communities through renewable energy development and education.



Jenny Hudson, Education Director

Jenny Hudson promotes renewable energy education to high schools, vocational schools, and career and technical colleges, forming a collaborative network between learning institutions and the communities they serve.


Phillip Bryant, Development & Communications Director

Phillip Bryant maintains public relations for the organization, develops and implements funding strategies and oversees general accounting practices.



Nick Getzen, Media Consultant

Nick Getzen develops messaging for advocacy and organizing efforts and coordinates media outreach for print publications, radio, and television.

Chris Fields-Johnson, Bio-power Consultant

Chris Fields-Johnson conducts experimental research for the JOBS Project on sustainable bioenergy and soil management through biomass pyrolysis for energy production and the application of biochar surface mine sites in order to sustain and improve land productivity and to sequester carbon. He is a PhD student at Virginia Tech in the Department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences.

Earl Long, Community Wind Consultant

Earl Long engages local participation in wind energy development. As a founding member of Angel Winds Energy Association, Earl provides resources for landowners and identifies funding streams for pre-development. He works with local governments and development authorities in order to ensure that community wind development is replicable.

Jamie Carroll, Web Developing Consultant

Jamie Carroll develops and manages the JOBS-Project website and web-based tools for outreach, education, and fund-raising. His duties further include graphic design, copy-writing, internet training, email and network support, mailing list and newsletter creation, and further developing and implementing additional internet technologies.