The JOBS Project introduces hands-on renewable energy education to public schools, community colleges and universities.   Engaging students in renewable energy technologies and campus energy management reduces the energy burden and stimulates student achievement across curricula.

Renewable Energy Initiatives for Universities

University campuses across the nation are establishing Renewable Energy Initiatives (REI) to promote student-led renewable energy development.  REIs effectively unite students and administration in a campus-based partnership to reduce energy consumption and increase energy production.  The JOBS Project offers tools and support to build and strengthen REIs in Central Appalachia.

For high schools, vocational schools, and community colleges, JOBS helps to identify:

  • Renewable energy technologies for the campus and classroom
  • Existing curricula to adopt or rework (renewable technologies, sustainable practices, entrepreneurship, energy economics, etc…)
  • Career forecasts in the sustainable energy industry
  • Funding opportunities for renewable energy and energy management in schools
  • Student governance opportunities

NEED for West Virginia educators!

The National Energy Education Development (NEED) curriculum coincides with state standards to serve as supplemental instruction for existing math and science courses.  The material explores the science of energy, sources of energy, electrical generation, transmission, and energy efficiency/management for school buildings.  NEED offers dynamic teacher trainings to stimulate the use of new technologies and sustainable classroom practices.