The Smart-Solutions program engages citizens to talk with each other about renewable energy, to learn about ways to invest in renewable energy infrastructure, and to advocate for policy which benefits locally-owned renewable energy development.

Community Events

Community educational events create a forum for outreach and discussion that results in increased participation in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Go to “You’re invited!” for information about JOBS community events.


Empowered Citizens

The JOBS Project advocates for federal, state and local advancement of locally-owned renewable energy.  In June, 2009, President Obama’s Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) invited The JOBS Project to bring community representatives, local development authorities, and industry experts to the capital to discuss renewable energy deployment in the coalfield communities of Central Appalachia.

Renewable Energy Associations

Renewable energy associations are made up of community residents interested in locally-owned, locally-run renewable energy development.  These residents typically research local renewable energy resources to identify the most advantageous project, incorporate as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), promote their project to the community, and hire a developer to construct a renewable energy facility such as a wind farm or bio-power plant.  Renewable energy associations are the foundation of the JOBS Project’s Smart-Tech pilot projects.

Central Appalachian Advisory Board

With members from regional universities, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and industry experts, this diverse board provides recommendations to replicate locally-owned renewable energy throughout Central Appalachia.